Thursday 7 February 2013

The Week At Farm Direct....

It's the final week of our game sale and we've still got plenty of birds for you to fill your freezer. This will be the last of our pheasants, mallards and partridges until October, so grab them while you can!

To see off the season in style we have brought back our pheasant supper of the week (complete with recipe card) and Andy is even portioning pheasants into fillets, legs and supremes.

From Perry Court Farm, we have a brand new vegetable - the flower sprout. This cross between curly kale and Brussels sprouts is so sweet and nutty that even the kids will like it (if you don't tell them what it is!).

A few dates for the diary next week: On the 12th, Shrove Tuesday -

the traditional time to use up your rich foodstuffs (butter, eggs, milk, sugar) before 40 days of fasting. See our Shrove Tuesday section for some pancake-based inspiration. 

Thursday marks Valentines day, the perfect opportunity to lovingly craft a romantic meal for your significant other. Always keen to facilitate romance amongst our customers - let us know if you would like your meat vac-packed to see you through to Thursday.

Finally, Dylan and his fleet have had another difficult week of fishing and with only one net hauled today, our catch is set to be very small. We will, however, have plenty of haddock roe. Bread it, flower it, fry it - simple (and absolutely delicious - something unique for Valentine's!).

Flower Sprouts - Your New Favourite Vegetable

What on earth are flower sprouts you may be asking yourself?
It’s a brand new vegetable - a hybrid of the Brussels sprout and curly kale, which has been 10 years in the making.
The idea came from the desire to create superior Brussels sprout that was both subtle in flavour and versatile. Rich in vitamins and simple to cook, this superfood seems to be a winning new creation.

At their best when stir-fried of simply steamed, give them a go and see what you think! Only £1.49 for 250g.