Tuesday 16 March 2010

Mustard and rabbit - compulsory tasting

I tried this on the weekend and it was incredible, I did not think mustard and rabbit would go together so well!

Ingredients: (Serves 4)

2 x whole rabbits cut into portions

6 x rashers of unsmoked streaky bacon

1 x cup of dry white wine

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

300ml double cream

Knob of butter

500 ml chicken stock

2/3 onions or 6/7 shallots

A couple of cloves of garlic


Cut the onions up rougly and boil them in the chicken sock for about 5 mins

Crisp up the bacon in some butter and then transfer the bacon to your casserole dish

Brown the rabbit in the pan you used for the bacon (you might not be able to do this all in one go) - when brown place in the casserole dish.

Take the onions out of the stock and fry in pan with garlic, then after a few minutes add stock cream, wine and mustard. Pour this lovely mixture over the rabbit and bacon

Put in oven (180c) for 45 mins. - if it comes out with too much liquid for your tastes, take off the lid and place the casserole dish on the hob for a few minutes to reduce it a bit.

Serve with greens and mash - try using olive oil instead of milk/cream/butter and throwing some fresh parsley in the mash - delicious

For another take on the beautiful partnership that is mustard and rabbit try this, I think it looks great and intend to try it with my next rabbit -


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