Tuesday 1 May 2012

Smooth Hound, Is It The New Monkfish?

This week Shokoh is using smooth hound fillets, to make our first ever Indian inspired 'bycatch' fish pie. This is why we think you should be eating 'byactch':

1. Bycatch is ethical
: A bycatch is a fish that has been caught unintentionally, while trying to catch other fish (in this case sole and white fish). The bycatch (which often amounts to over half of what has been caught) is typically thrown back, dead. We think this is wasteful and unethical.

2. Bycatch is tasty: Bycatch is not a reflection on the quality of the fish, far from it, rather its status is down to food trends and market price. For example, 20 years ago no fisherman in Britain would dream of landing monkfish, it was a worthless byctach. Up goes the price of prawns and Britain needs a substitute with a firm flesh. Monkfish fills in the gap and it is now one of the most expensive fish caught by our Cornish fleet. Smooth hound is a tasty firm white fish - a perfect substitute for cod.

3. Bycatch is Cheap: The low demand for bycatch means that the price likewise remains low, we can pass this saving on to you.... Monkfish £28/kg, Smooth Hound £8.50/kg!

Try Shokohs 'bycatch' fish pie this week and tell us what you think.

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