Wednesday 16 May 2012

Foraged Foods From The Cornish Coast

Our forager, Miles Lavers, has spent the week collecting foods from the shore, moors, pastures and lanes along the Cornish coast. Try his:
Kombu - A sea veg that accounts or the trending 'umami' flavour in Asian cuisine. It's great mixed with rice, noodles or in a stir fry.
Sea Beet - A seasonal, iron rich, alternative to spinach.
Rock Samphire - A friend of fish, gammon and egg, this zingy treat has 30x more vit C. than an orange and is even cited in Shakespeare's King Lear.
Wild Onion - Somewhere between wild garlic and spring onion, you can use the leaves in salads, soup or even pesto.
Sargassum - An invasive seaweed, imported on the back of pacific oysters. It takes oxygen out of rock-pools, suffocating fish so we need to eat it all up. Miles (pictured) says it is "ridiculously good for you"!

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