Wednesday 17 July 2013

We hope you're enjoying the sun but our some of our farmers are starting to struggle a bit. The heat and lack of rain has claimed its first victims this week as Roy and Rita's calabrese broccoli and lettuces (they're all water!) have succumbed but will return pending a some rain. Fortunately we will have organic calabrese from Maple Farm (who supply our very popular organic eggs) and we also have organic summer cabbages and organic cucumbers from them.

As for lettuces we will still have organic oak leaf and cos varieties so we will not be completely lettuce free.

Of course there is plenty of produce that revel in this heat and sunshine, with tomatoes and peppers being obvious examples, soaking up the sun to ripen and sweeten beautifully.

Matthew's french beans are ready for their first picking this week whilst his golden beetroot is one good soaking away from readiness but he's struggling to get water to them.

We have the first cauliflowers from Wild Fields and organic spinach from Ripple Farm is back after a crop gap.

It's the final week of the gooseberry season but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them the rest of the year. Take advantage of the fact that they freeze fantastically well and stock up your freezer. We are offering a bulk buy deal of 4 punnets for £9.49.
Whilst we have no plans yet to sell bananas (thanks to everyone who voted in our first ever poll!) we are venturing into the world of potted plants in our eagerness to support Cultivate London, a fantastic social enterprise based in Brentford. We'll be getting verbena, foxglove, pineapple lilly, cosmos & Chinese plumbago plants. For more information about the work they do have a read below. They also provide us with a lovely range of very healthy looking potted herbs as well as mild & peppery salads.

We switch to new season lamb this week as they have fattened sufficiently on the grassy Norfolk pastures of Beatbush Farm. All our lamb cuts will now be up to half the size of the older season lamb and will have a significantly milder flavour and tender texture.

Getting bored of burgers on your barbecue? Well, we've got our hands on razor clams and they grill up a treat. Easy to cook and with a rich salty/sweet flavour, they are well worth a try.

Finally, we've have a great deal on our Fentimans drinks that are perfect on a hot summers day straight from the fridge. Get a mixed selection for £4.49 or individually they are down to just £1.19.
All the best,

Sam and the Farm Direct team.

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Cultivate London
We have been working with Cultivate London for a while now and are very pleased to be doing so. They have two sites in South West London that have rescued derelict land and transformed them into thriving and productive growing sites. As well as providing local, organically grown food for Londoners they also provide training opportunities and jobs for unemployed young people aged 16-24 in practical horticulture. We are delighted to be able to support a social enterprise that brings us delicious food and beautiful plants, whilst providing invaluable social and environmental benefits to London.
Summer Deals at Farm Direct
We've introduced a 'Summer Bargains' section on the website where you can find all our current offers in one place. It will have summery products with enticing discounts so keep an eye on it over the coming months
A Push for PestoWe think our Purely Pesto range, handmade by Gavin Battle in Suffolk, is a real taste the difference product. They make a great marinade for fish, chicken & lamb, a lovely accompaniment to pasta or even just spread on a bit of toast. Where possible they use locally sourced ingredients and you wont find any preservatives or additives.

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