Wednesday 25 January 2012

Forced Rhubarb - The Connoisseurs Choice

This weeks we have the first of the forced rhubarb, injecting some vibrant pink excitement to one of the greener periods of the British culinary calender.
Forcing rhubarb is a peculiar culture - it involves both heat and darkness, so that the young shoots rapidly extend in a frantic search for light. Originally it was produced to fill the gap in the desert fruit calendar (prior to cold storage techniques), but now it is deemed infinitely better than its outdoor counterpart and is gleefully anticipated at the turn of the year.
If you're stuck for inspiration you can't go wrong with a classic crumble or even a rhubarb & custard cake, Nigel Slater pairs it with mackerel and vinegar, while I think rhubarb handles Indian spices and Lentils superbly. Either way, forced Rhubarb is one to try this week.

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