Wednesday 11 January 2012

This Week At Farm Direct....

The prolonged mild weather continues to adjust our seasonal expectations this week. Our green crops are still flourishing - unusual for this time of year and we even have two new leaf varieties available, rising sun pack choi and mustard leaves.

Conversely, storage of cropped vegetables is becoming more of an issue. Supermarkets often using a bleach based gas to prolong the shelf life of their onions and potatoes. This serves to effectively "kill" the vegetable - you won't see any shoots or bits of green sticking out the side. Rest assured we don't do this, all our veg come to you exactly as it came out the ground, but it can often mean a shorter shelf life.

We have the first of the King Edward potatoes this week, a medium/floury variety that comes highly recommended by our farmer Ansi. This year they are particularly tasty, more so I think, than the other classic mashers such as the Maris piper or Desiree.

New in our pantry we have sauce for fish pie, Scottish highland oatcakes and Wessex Mill Spelt Flour (quite dense, but sweet, nutty and nutritious compared to is European counterparts).

Our Guinea Fowl are going to be unavailable for the next fortnight, "too scrawny" according to our organic farmer Andy, he will be fattening them up for us over the next few weeks.

This is the last week of our Goat milk from Sally & Bob at Springstep dairy. After two generations of milk production the pasteurisation process stops on Friday - expect to see a new goats milk available next week. In the meantime, try our goat butter from Yew Tree Farm.

And finally, Flour Power City, our South London bakery, have slightly adjusted their deadlines. All sourdough based breads now require two days notice, we will take some stock, but get your order in early to ensure you get what you want. Have a great week.

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