Wednesday 11 January 2012

The Wonderful World Of Cabbage

Cabbage is a much maligned vegetable, tarnished after decades of desecration in school canteens around the country. Peel away the layers and you will find a vegetable that is honest, unpretentious and visually stunning. See our guide to the different varieties:

January King: The regal cabbage, looks beautiful with slightly tougher outer leaves, its hidden sweetness is revealed when roasted.
Savoy: The gourmet choice, savoys are nutty, sweet and earthy. Try yours dressed; the savoys little dimples perfectly cling to sauces.
Red: Braised red cabbage, with its piquant taste and succulence is the perfect counterpart for strong gamey meats like venison or pheasant.
White: Crunchy and sweet, white cabbage is truly the coleslaw king.
Tundra: A savoy/white cabbage hybrid, the tundra is your classic all rounder.

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