Tuesday 6 March 2012

Wild Garlic is Just In

Wild garlic is new in this week and here at Farm Direct we love this little plant.

I can remember as a kid walking through woodlands in Dorset with this amazing garlic aroma all around and wondering what it could be. I was a teenager and never delved deeper, but if I had I would have discovered this amazing plant that, while it has a pungent smell, actually has a much more subtle flavour - more like chives than traditional garlic bulbs. It's the leaves that are eaten rather than the bulbs. While they may have a strong aroma the taste is delicate, similar to the flavour of chives and can be used as salad leaves, spice, boiled as a vegetable, used in soup, as well as many other ways.

Today I love using wild garlic, it can be an accompaniment or can be the main event in a meal - try making wild garlic pesto - amazing!

Make the most of this season’s amazing wild garlic with these recipes >

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