Thursday 12 April 2012

3 Reasons why everyone should try cuttlefish in Springtime:

1, Cuttlefish flood the shores in springtime, dropping their eggs in the rocky nooks and crannies off our beaches. Shortly after, they die of fatigue - which is the reason why if you go for a spring walk along the beach you are more than likely to come across these exotic cephalopods washed up on the sand. So, waste not want not, put them to a good use and get them on your plate!

2, Britain is one of the most fertile sources of cuttlefish anywhere in the world, but because we don't know what it is, and because supermarkets find squid a smaller and prettier product to sell (even though it probably comes from Yemen and is air-freighted over here), the vast majority of it gets sold abroad to places such as Spain, Portugal and Asia.

3, Our cuttelfish is caught off the Cornish Coast, near Helston, using static nets checked each day - a very uninvasive and environmentally way to catch fish (compared to trawling).

So in summary: cuttlefish is delicious, local to our shores, highly seasonal in April and May, and much cheaper than squid, so try it out!

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